Lisa Imported Fresh Pasta

Lisa hand crafted pasta is always fresh and perfect for your tastes.

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Imported Fresh Bufala Mozzarella

The cheese goes well in anti-pasta dishes, with salad's, pasta's, calzone's, vegetable's and various side dishes.

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Imported Fresh Burrata

Burrata is to mozzarella as foie gras is to chicken liver.

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Antichi Sapori Holiday Panettone view Panettone

Born in the heart of Cilento, a family tradition that began with Grandpa Peter, Peter Macellaro the farm. Aromas and flavors that come from a single territory, raw materials born of old fruit varieties and horticultural recovered around the Mont Cervati and grown in the orchard business with organic farming techniques, selected and expertly worked by the skilled hands of Peter Macellaro, which transforms them into unique and amazing desserts. Serve with unusual commitment to quality and its traditional recipes, the ability to listen to the territory interprendandolo with originality through products that are true works of art: a riot of scents, colors, flavors

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Antichi Sapori USA is the American branch of an Italian food distributor from Monte San Giacomo, Italy. Antichi Sapori came to the United States when owner and manager Angelo Totaro felt the need to expand his family's business across the Atlantic Ocean and bring the highest quality of genuine Italian cheeses and gourmet and specialty foods to America.