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Antichi Sapori USA is the American branch of an Italian food distributor from Monte San Giacomo, Italy.  Antichi Sapori came to the United States when owner and manager Angelo Totaro felt the need to expand his family’s business across the Atlantic Ocean and bring the highest quality of genuine Italian cheeses and gourmet and specialty foods to America.  Antichi Sapori has been nestled in Moonachie, New Jersey serving incredible, delicious Italian foods now for over 10 years and we couldn’t be more proud of our products.

4970401484_fed850b8ebThe Totaro family’s love affair with food has lasted for generations. In 1910, Angelo’s great grandmother used to bring her children from playing outside into the kitchen, and teach them the craft of how to make real Italian cheeses, and gourmet family dishes.  The cheese has to be hand crafted and mixed together with pure cream from the farm, and mixed together with a recipe that is unique to Antichi Sapori and the Totaro family.

In 2000 Angelo Totaro opened an Italian food importing and distribution to extend his family’s business in New Jersey. Keeping the family tradition alive, Angelo would prepare pounds of cheese in his market to showcase the love of his family’s tradition.

To honor his great grandmother Angelo only uses the freshest ingredients grown locally in New York and New Jersey local produce and farms. We choose fresh pasta made from imported semolina flour, as well as specially chosen imported cheeses and locally grown fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.

The Totaro Family is about tradition, a sense of family and the pure enjoyment of quality gourmet foods. Now you can enjoy our wonderful Italian foods in the comfort of your own home.

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